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Journalist/ Presenter 

About Me

Journalism, writing and presenting is my passion and after studying for 3 years at university I completed a Bachelor of Journalism in 2019. I took it upon myself to gain as much experience as possible across all platforms of media during and after my studies. 

I have had the opportunity to work on television as a weather presenter for Nine News while also presenting in local commercials. I have published a number of articles online for local magazines and websites while developing radio stories that were presented on the ABC radio in Canberra. I have used these skills to work as a social media content creator and manager for my wedding celebrancy business, online brands, charities and events. This experience has given me a wide range of knowledge and understanding of the journalism industry while allowing me to develop a number of skills in a variety of areas.


Have sneak peak through this website to see my work across a number of platforms. 

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